Enrollment Brochure of The High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University


1. Recruiting information:

Foreign students of middle school or high school, 12 years old(or above), with good qualities, healthy, with legal custodian living in Beijing through legal procedures.


2.Training modes:

1)Language Program: The Language Program focuses on Chinese Language learning along with curriculum of ESOL, P.E., Math (taught in Chinese), and Practice of Culture & Arts. Every semester, Language Program students who pass their finals can enter the Diploma Program or Regular Program in the next semester.

2)Diploma Program: The Diploma Program is taught separately in small size classes. The curriculum contains Chinese Language Arts, Math, ESOL, History, Geography, Political Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information Technology, and General Technology. The goal of the curriculum is to pass the Xueye Shuiping Kaoshi (academic standardized test). In order to prepare students for the international student college entrance exams, the school enhances the education of Chinese Language Arts, Math, and ESOL. We also have HSK, IELTS, and TOEFL sections for students.

3)Regular Program: Middle school students who get 220 or above on HSK 5 or high school students who get 220 or above on HSK 6 can enter the Regular Program, full-time studying in regular Chinese middle school or high school classes for long term.

Middle school and high school students who get 260 or above on HSK 4 can study half-time in the Regular Program and half-time in the Diploma Program.(Note: Students without HSK certificate can take the school’s HSK exam.)


3.Ways of recruiting:

1) Regular Program and Diploma Program students are recruited through interview and written test (major subjects like Math and English )  

2) Language Program students are recruited through interview and the past grades review.


4. Fees

Charging Items

Charging Criterions

Entry fees 500 RMB

Tuition fees(one term)

23100 RMB for Normal Learning Classes, 26400 RMB for inserting classes.

Boarding fee(one term)

10000 RMB

Fees for textbooks about 300 RMB(one term)

School uniforms 300RMB

Fees for meals(one day)

3 RMB for breakfast, 12-15 RMB for lunch and for dinner.

Insurance fees (one year) 800 RMB


5.Materials needed:

1) Application form

2)Student’s passport  (original and copy needed);

3) student’s registration form of temporary residence(original and copy needed)

4) Guardian’s certificates: ID card and residence card of Beijing for Chinese citizen or passport for foreigner (original and copy needed)

5) Grades report , conduct comments, school attendance record , transferring certificate and studying certificate

6) Guardian notarial deed attached with “Guardian Guarantee” made by the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University

7) The copies of parents’ passport or permanent residence card (students who apply for residence permit for the first time in China))

8) Birth certificate or authenticated birth certificate ( translate into English or Chinese)


6.School address and contact information:

Address: No.18 Nan Xin Hua Street , He Ping Men , Xi Cheng District, Beijing( 100 meters south of He Ping Men subway station , the nearest key school to a subway station )

Zip code:100052   Fax:86-10-63040392

Tel:86-10-63040392  83193000-7176(English)   

Web:  Email:jlzx@bjsdfz.com

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